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Fuel service Fuel service

Keep Your Fuel Flowing Freely

If your fuel filter is clogged, it means that you might have to spend a lot of time and money to fix it. Avoid delays and bring it in to Knapp's Service Station in Roslyn for quick and affordable help.

A fuel pump is a key element, this is what is responsible for pumping up the fuel from your tank to the engine. This is then converted to power or energy that moves your vehicle. If your pump malfunctions it could lead to serious consequences. Don't let your car shut down or start sputtering, bring it in and our ASE certified mechanics will stop any build up and fix any issues before it's too late.

Get help with your fuel pumps

Our fuel injection and fuel pump services can get your vehicle to perform better. You get:


• Power output improves

• Fuel efficiency increases

• Emissions performance

• Drivability and smoother operation

Excellent services for fuel injectors

Maximize your vehicles potential. Call


We take responsibility for the work that we do as well as the parts that we use. We honor all manufacturers’ warranties and also give you a labor warranty.