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Never Let Your Brakes Fail You

If your brakes fail you when you are on the road it could lead to a fatal accident. Avoid a huge disaster and get your brakes looked at before it's too late.

These are a few ways to tell if your brakes are worn out and you need to get them looked at:


• Reduced responsiveness or fading

• Pulling - movement of your car to one side when you brake

• Grinding or growling- loud metallic sounds when you brake

•  Vibration - the break peddle vibrates

Do you need new brakes?

• Controllers

• Pumps

• Valves

• Speed sensors


At our family owned and operated service station we treat you like family! We give you the reliable work at affordable rates.

Our expert brake services include:

No more skidding on the roads! Call:


If you are in Roslyn then there is no better place than Knapp's Service Station for your vehicle. We have 59 years of experience and are ASE certified!